Psychotherapist in Campbell, CA - Marina Benkhina, LMFTWe all experience difficulties in life… And getting help from someone can make a big difference.

Whether you’re stuck in a toxic relationship or are having the same fight over and over again, you’re struggling with a difficult adolescent at home and feel clueless, you’re a new parent and are stressed and overwhelmed and struggling to enjoy this new life phase, or you feel hopeless, worthless, or simply not good enough as you struggle with life or career satisfaction… I can help!

These are just a few of the reasons people contact me…

I can help you gain deeper insight and understanding about what’s causing your current life struggles and holding you back from achieving the relationships and life you desire.

Professional counseling and psychotherapy are all about making change happen. And making a commitment to counseling and therapy can be the most important investment you make in yourself and your future happiness.

We’ve all struggled with relationships that don’t work well for us, our past coming forward to haunt us, life changes that throw us off, getting in over our heads, and even pockets of low self-esteem that bring us down. There’s no need to go through these struggles alone…

In my work with clients, I am fully committed to being completely present, nurturing, and non-judgmental. My office can be a safe space in your life, where you can open up and share your emotions, where you can take the heavy weight of everyday life off your shoulders, and get whatever you need off your chest.

I can help you discover the inner-strength and resources that you may never have known were in you.

I can show you new coping mechanisms and more effective communication techniques that will allow you to overcome challenges and move forward in life with confidence and optimism.

For years, I’ve had a passion to help children and adults improve their relationships, deal more effectively with emotions, and create the lives they desire.

Towards this end, I use a variety of skills, attitudes, techniques, and abilities in my work with clients. Every session will be adjusted to meet your needs, and to get you closer to your goals, or acceptance, or relief.

Whatever you come to my office seeking – whether it’s improved communication with your partner, or resolution of a complex parenting struggle, or a struggle with your own parents, we will work on improving the most important relationship in your life: your relationship with yourself.

Professional counseling and psychotherapy can help you find the inner-awareness and strength you never knew you had. It can help you feel braver, be more assertive, and tackle your fears head on, without letting the past hold you back. It can help you open your heart to others and to yourself. It can help you lower your anxiety and take away feelings of helplessness. It can move you to look at your future with more optimism and confidence. It can also help you discover what you want and need and go after those things.

You can make yourself into who you’ve always wanted to be. It might not be easy at times, but the time and effort you put into your journey is well worth it.

It might be scary to make a call to a therapist. Sometimes it feels like asking for help is not easy, but it is one of the bravest, most important things that you can do.

Please contact me at 408-504-0449 or [email protected] and we can get to work on your sacred journey right away.


Contact MarinaFor more information about the services I offer and how I can help you, please don’t hesitate to contact me at (408) 504-0449 or [email protected]. I look forward to speaking with you!

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