Couples Counseling

Couples and Marriage Counseling in Campbell, CACouples seek assistance when they’re experiencing conflict or major life changes, making a serious commitment, or dissolving a long-term relationship.

Unfortunately, partners often blame one another and get stuck in a cycle of hostility, unable to break it with healthy communication. But, relationships work best when each partner takes responsibility for their own behavior and makes an effort to change it.

Marriage counseling is not about assigning blame, but about learning positive behaviors.

When it comes to helping couples create or recreate the relationship they desire, much of the work comes down to communication. If there’s one issue almost all couples struggle with, it’s communication… In our sessions together, I will work with both your partner and you to identify the source of your issues and help you reconnect, so you can work together to improve your relationship.

It may come as a surprise, but this work can often be quick… Sometimes, you just need some help to get back on track. A simple change in communication style can make a huge difference!

It’s never too early to seek out a couples or marriage counselor! In many cases I’ve been able to help couples communicate more effectively and work together to move forward with optimism about the life they’re creating together – even when it seems it’s too late. Couples coming to counseling as a last ditch effort to save the relationship can fix their problems if they are committed to making the necessary changes – I have seen it happen time and time again!

Please, don’t wait another day. You and your significant other can be a team again.

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Marina Benkhina, LMFT – Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist providing Couples Counseling and Marriage Counseling in Campbell and San Jose, CA, California

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